As an expert in the realms of space, artificial intelligence, and innovation, I am deeply passionate about sharing insights and inspiring others through public speaking. My experience as a speaker ranges from high-profile industry conferences to intimate workshops. I bring a unique blend of knowledge from my background in biomedical engineering and my extensive experience in the space, healthcare and AI sectors. This allows me to offer audiences a comprehensive view of these cutting-edge fields, peppered with personal anecdotes from my journey, including my adventures as a licensed pilot.

My presentations are known for being accessible and engaging, breaking down complex topics into relatable concepts. Whether it’s discussing the future of space exploration, the impact of AI on various industries, or sharing lessons from my own career path, my goal is always to leave the audience informed, inspired, and ready to think about the future in new ways.

For inquiries about speaking engagements, please reach out through the form below. I am available for conferences, corporate events, educational workshops, and more. Let’s connect and explore how we can inspire your audience together.

Previous speaking opportunities include:

  • The International Astronautical Congress (Bremen, Germany – Washington D.C., United States)
  • The Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (Barcelona, Spain)
  • XPOMET (Berlin, Germany)
  • Space Cafe (Dutch Ministry of Defence)
  • Digital health for human space exploration (Barcelona School of Technology, Lisboa Instituto Technico)
  • Future of Health(care) (Topclass Innovation, The Netherlands, and various others)
  • Digital Health & Lifestyle (Healthy Professionals Congress, The Netherlands)