Space Innovation’s activities are about connecting, inspiring and building. From helping non-space clients move their business into the space industry, to helping new space companies build and thrive.

Business development

Space Innovation is all about helping businesses, whether they’re new to the space industry or already established in it. I guide non-space companies on how to successfully enter the space sector. My approach is practical and tailored, ensuring your business finds its right place in the space market. For space startups, I am here to help with building your company. Working closely with CEOs and management teams, I help them navigate through business development, fundraising, and organizing their companies effectively.

Space is more than engineering

Recognizing that the space industry is about more than just engineering, I started This platform is dedicated to connecting other-than-tech professionals with space companies seeking talent in diverse areas such as marketing, communications, sales, business development, HR, finance, health & medical, education, and design. At, we bridge the gap between skilled professionals and the growing needs of the space industry.


Design by Void & Visual

With the Brabant Space Network, we’re bringing together space professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and others interested in space in the south of The Netherlands. This network is about connecting people, sharing ideas, and learning from each other. Through various events and activities, we’re building a community that supports and grows the space sector. It’s a place for anyone interested in space to meet, collaborate, and discover the latest in space technology and data in Brabant. This is an initiative by Void & Visual and Space Innovation.