Space Innovation, led by Jules Lancee, is a company that specializes in providing a wide range of services at the intersection of (aero) Space, Health and Innovation. As a biomedical engineer and an alumnus of the International Space University, Jules has a wealth of experience in healthcare innovation, sustainable aviation, and the space sector. Space Innovation helps space companies and organizations to expand beyond our atmosphere by building products and services that are innovative and tailored to their specific needs. The company also aims to inspire people with space through lectures, keynotes, and workshops, providing valuable insights on how trends and emerging technologies are impacting the world right now. Whether it’s building new products and services, guiding innovation sprints, or providing keynotes on space and innovation, Space Innovation is dedicated to helping clients succeed in the space industry.

  • Inspiration sessions
  • Guiding and coordinating design & innovation sprints
  • Helping grow and manage new opportunities

Highlighted from portfolio: WE WORK IN SPACE

One of our products is the platform for connecting the non-tech space professional community.

Previous speaking opportunities include:

  • The International Astronautical Congress (Bremen, Germany – Washington D.C., United States)
  • The Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (Barcelona, Spain)
  • XPOMET (Berlin, Germany)
  • Space Cafe (Dutch Ministry of Defence)
  • Digital health for human space exploration (Barcelona School of Technology, Lisboa Instituto Technico)
  • Future of Health(care) (Topclass Innovation, The Netherlands, and various others)
  • Digital Health & Lifestyle (Healthy Professionals Congress, The Netherlands)

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