Nice to e-meet you!

Space Innovation is a company active in space and artificial intelligence. It was founded by me, Jules Lancee, as a result of my passion and curiosity for the future. My academic background in biomedical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology laid the groundwork for my career, which later continued with space studies at International Space University.

My journey has always been about exploring new frontiers, both in space and through the lens of cutting-edge technologies like AI. After gaining experience in healthcare innovation at Radboudumc REshape Center for Innovation, I turned my focus to how terrestrial innovation insights could be applied in the space industry. This ultimately led me to create, a platform designed to connect diverse talents with the space sector, emphasizing that the industry needs more than just engineers and scientists.

Not just limited to the earth and the stars, I’m also a pilot, holding a license that’s been an exciting part of my journey. This experience has not only enriched my perspective on the aerospace sector but has also been a constant source of inspiration and adventure!

At Space Innovation, I do more than talk about AI and space; I actively engage in training teams to use these technologies effectively. The approach is hands-on and interactive, making sure that the concepts are not only understood but are also applicable in real-world scenarios. In addition to my work with Space Innovation, I am also actively involved in public speaking. I enjoy giving presentations and lectures, sharing my knowledge and insights on space, AI, and innovation. These opportunities allow me to inspire others and spread the excitement about the possibilities these fields hold!

Through Space Innovation, I aim to bring futuristic concepts into the present, making complex technologies like AI and space exploration more approachable and actionable for everyone. My mission is to bridge the gap between current capabilities and the untapped potential of tomorrow.

I look forward to meeting you!