Jules Lancee

Jules Lancee at the Internet of Things World Solutions Congress (2019)

Jules Lancee is a highly skilled professional with a passion for innovation and the future of space. As a biomedical engineer and alumnus of the International Space University, Jules has a wealth of experience in the space sector, healthcare innovation, and sustainable aviation. He offers his services as a consultant, working with both non-space clients looking for opportunities in the space sector and space clients on the innovation front.

Whether it’s giving inspiration sessions, guiding and coordinating design and innovation sprints, or helping grow and manage new opportunities, Jules is dedicated to helping clients succeed. His previous experience includes creating weworkinspace.com, a platform for connecting the non-tech space professional community, as well as creating a series on emerging technologies in health and a series on health in space topics, where he interviewed astronauts and other experts.

In his spare time, Jules obtained an aircraft pilot license on his way to becoming an astronaut. Hire Jules to guide you through the space and innovation journey and be ready for the future.