About me

  • Biomedical engineer by training at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Healthcare innovator by experience at Radboudumc REshape Center for Innovation
  • Alumnus of International Space University
  • Combining healthcare innovation and outer space in the Space Generation Advisory Council’s “Health in Space” series
  • Obtained an aircraft pilot license on his way to space

  • Presented multiple times at the International Astronautical Congress on the intersection of space and health tech innovation.
  • Was one of 3 Dutch selected to participate in the annual congress of the Space Generation Advisory Council, where 150 delegates from 30 countries convene to discuss and prepare policy advice for the United Nations.
  • Created a multi-year emerging technologies series focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual & Augmented Reality and others in healthcare.
  • Worked on novel tech solutions in public health and shared results as scientific contributions.