“I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.” – Vincent van Gogh



Delivers – you deliver what you say you’ll deliver – on time, with high quality, and a great attitude. You are willing to go above and beyond to ensure you deliver on your commitments, with no excuses.
Bias to action – you find ways to make things better, faster, smarter, and you take the initiative to go out and get those things done. It is inate and inherent in you, few people have this ability.

Zayna Khayat, PhD

“Jules Lancee is one of the most determined persons I know. He is on his way to space and nobody will ever slow him down or discourage him. When Jules and I started working together, I immediately discovered he is a critical and creative thinker. He simply sees things the rest of us overlook. In addition to general professionalism, Jules is very authentic which makes him a great colleague.

Tom van de Belt, PhD

“He demonstrated leadership qualities, teamworking skills and was an integral part of the team. Jules would be a great addition to any team!”.

Dr Rochelle Velho